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The new US91-AB Pushbutton is manufactured with antibacterial protection to help prevent the unwanted growth of harmful bacteria. Bacteria can multiply on lift pushbuttons every 20 minutes. This technology makes product surface hostile to microscopic organisms, making them unable to live, grow and reproduce.

Bodies: Compact 2, Compact 2 micro, Compact 3 or Compact 3P
Illumination: Single, Dual, Bicolour or Bicolour+
Colours: Red, Amber, Green, Blue or White

  • Pressel and surround incorporates silver ion enabled* anti bacterial technology
  • Protection against bacteria such as MRSA, E-Coli, Staph A & more
  • ISO 22196 antibacterial certification
  • Legend and halo illumination
  • Vandal resistant EN81-71 cat 2
  • Standard pressels are white plastic moulded with opal polycarbonate

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