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The new Dewhurst US1 Touch Panel is a futuristic alternative to traditional pushbuttons. it allows you to create your own style of pushbutton on the touch screen with a background that fulfils your vision and enhances your corporate brand and identity.

The US1 hardware is available in 3 sizes 21.5”, 18.5” and 15.6” displays with PCAP touch screen that allows users to activate the touch screen effortlessly with finger, glove or conductive  stylus. The CPU is an ARM processor with plenty of power to display full HD 1080p video content on the screen.  The whole unit is neatly self-contained in its housing and is less than 35mm in depth.

Part of the package is an exclusive programming tool that allows our customers to update content independently such as text, video, images and general tenant information.  At a later date they can load any changes in just a few seconds over network using the LAN cable or with a USB flash drive that plugs in at the back of the panel.

We offer a design service to help you create and own your personalised designs of the US1.  With the assistance of our design department, you can create your own pushbuttons or choose a style from our library of designs. The same is true for background styles and other features of the US1.

  • Place calls using touch screen
  • Displays HD infotainment including video, news,weather and tenant information
  • Facility to switch the design and content of the panel manually or when programmed to do so
  • Ability to operate a large amount of buttons for high rise buildings by changing page or menu of buttons in groups
  • Bespoke button designs that come in all shapes and sizes
  • Multi-lingual text
  • Supports Oriental and Arabic characters
  • Touch screen entry and call acceptance feedback of lift car calls
  • Lift position and direction indication
  • Lift priority messages
  • Speech synthesizer
  • Rich graphical content of both static images and video
  • Live remotely streamed video and RSS text
  • PIN code entry for secure features
  • Power save mode.

Product Details

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