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Series 42 Switches are designed to meet EN8170 lift regulations with the new 15mm x 0.9 nominal character heights. With hard wearing glass filled material formulated for high visibility in both the off and on states.  To add visual interest the Series 42 can display 2 colours when illuminated various combinations are available.

  • Black Characters when off for maximum contrast on Stainless Steel Pressel, illuminating any chosen colour.
  • Dual Illumination, constant low level illumination, changing to bright illumination upon call accept.
  • Character and Halo can be illuminated different colours. (see below for colours)
  • Both Character and Halo can be illuminated the same colour
  • Complies with latest lift regulations
  • Advantages for the partially sighted
  • 15mm Tactile Characters and Symbols
  • Glass reinforced characters for extreme durability and colour diffusion
  • Choice of character and halo colours:Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White and Amber
  • 2 and 3 wire working units available with a choice of JST plug and header, mini screw terminal or conventional 2mm push on connectors

Product Details

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