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The Dewhurst I-KEY Security Access Switch is a general purpose security module. It uses iButton type touch memories to identify the keys. If a predefined key touches on the stainless steel probe,  I-KEY shorts the relay contacts for five seconds and leaves the contacts open after this period. I-KEY warns the user with visual and auditory ways with on-board beeper and in-probe LED ring.  I-KEY can be easily programmed with on-board pushbuttons. The end users can create their own MASTER KEY to record a new key to the module memory.

  • Offers control of lift
  • When a registered key is put onto the probe, relay keeps contacts for 5 seconds.
  • When a foreign key is put onto the probe, system makes audible warning with red light.
  • To register, a new key is put onto the probe while the REC button on the unit is pressed
  • Up to 512 keys kept in memory

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