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The EN-BUZZ bleeper board is used to create a bleep tone each time a call button is pressed and acknowledged in the lift car or at a landing station. This is a requirement of EN81-70 (Accessibility to lifts for persons including persons with disability). There are two types of EN-BUZZ available, Standard (used with grille) and loud (used without grille). A 110V d.c. Standard version is also available, please refer to publication number PB169.
The EN-BUZZ has been designed to work with any button and controller where the button and illumination is wired using a 3 wire method. The common supply (24V d.c. ± 20%) to the button and illumination can be either polarity. One EN-BUZZ will be required for each set of car buttons and each landing station.

  • Creates a bleep tone each time a call button is pressed and acknowledged
  • Conforms to EN81-70
  • Adjustable volume
  • Standard and loud versions available
  • 12 – 24Vdc & 110Vdc options available

Product Details

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