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Introducing our exclusive range of ornate and modern dial indicators – stylish, fashionable and nostalgic.

Custom designed and cast from solid Brass, Alloy or Bronze, we offer a wide range of sizes, finishes, legends and pointer styles to suit the buildings’ interior design.

Each dial indicator has a fine gear motor, providing an elegant and smooth pointer movement between floors.

For each bespoke project, a design draft including all technical data is prepared for approval.

  • solid cast brass dial indicator 450mm half round
  • floor legends: 3-4mm thick, surface antique matt
  • cast pointer no. 18/150
  • height of the legends:
    30mm or 40mm (fig.) or full text 25mm
  • Suitable for mounting above landing doors
  • Patination antique brass medium or dark
  • Patination antique bronze dark


Product Details

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