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The Encoder Card CX-Synchro is designed to be used in conjunction with serial controlled display units and the CX-Basic encoder board. The CX-Synchro board plugs into the CX-Basic board to add either 16 additional inputs, serial synchronisation port, or LCD display (plus pushbuttons) to allow on site settings of encoder.  The encoder has a serial communication port, used to connect to other CX-Synchro card to synchronise the real time clocks when LCD displays are being used. It also accepts signals like floor position code, as well as lift status signals like
MAINTENANCE, OVERLOAD, OUT OF ORDER etc. through the additional 16 optoisolated inputs. The signals are then transmitted through SER1 of the CX-Basic board, which is a 4-wire serial communication link, to all the display units connected to it.

  • Designed to be used in conjunction with serial controlled display units & the CX-Basic Encoder Board
  • 16 opto inputs (12-24V ac/dc)
  • On board LED’s to monitor inputs
  • Real Time Clock (required for clock or date function on LCD displays)
  • Serial link (RS485) – Used to synchronise the real time clocks on all encoders in a group when LCD display are being used with clock/date function

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