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The new CX-Speech MP3 is an enhanced version of the CX-Speech and hase been specifically designed to plug into the Dewhurst CX-Basic Serial Encoder Board.
Through dedicated inputs on the encoder it provides facilities for floor identification, door opening, door closing, direction of travel as well as warning and information announcements.


  • Designed to plug into the CX-Basic Serial Encoder Board to add speech option
  • Speech bandwidth is 16KHz thereby providing great quality speech
  • Speech Storage is on a MMC / SD card for easy modification to the speech files in memory.
  • It can announce up to 3 languages per floor.
  • It can play background music during idle period.
  • Approximately 800 minuntes of speech using a 128MB MMC card with moderate MP3 compression.
  • No limit of duration per phrase.
  • Speaker and line transformers supplied
  • Large vocabulary of English phrases

Product Details

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