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The CX-Speech Module has been specifically designed to plug into the Dewhurst CX-Basic Serial Encoder Board.  Through dedicated inputs on the encoder it provides facilities for floor identification, door opening, door closing, direction of travel as well as warning and information announcements.  There is a large vocabulary of English phrases that will cover the majority of requirements. However, custom phrases can be accommodated.

The CX-Speech announcements provide clear information to lift users and are of particular importance to blind and partially sighted people for applications requiring compliance to Lift and Building Regulations.

  • Designed to plug into the CX-Basic Serial Encoder Board to add speech option
  • Provides facilities for floor ID, door opening, door closing, direction of travel as well as warning & info. announcements
  • Audio output 2.5W
  • Speaker and line tranformers supplied
  • Large vocabulary of English phrases

Product Details

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