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The Dewhurst CJ70 Serial Electronic Gong is an audible indication for lift arrival at a floor, which also has output to control lantern arrows. This low profile serial unit offers the choice of a single or double tone and is designed to be connected to the Dewhurst 4 wire serial encoders (CH024/034 or CX-Basic).  The CJ70 is suitable for use with the Dewhurst Profile station, which could also include the 30mm and 50mm ULSP digital display unit.

  • Serial gong (used without displays)
  • Outputs to control lantern arrows
  • Single or double tone
  • Low profile
  • Can be used to meet M2/S2 Building Regulations
  • Adjustable volume
  • Works with CH024/CH034 Serial Encoder or CX-Basic Encoder Board

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