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M-20 REB Pushbutton

The M-20 REB pushbutton with Braille has been designed as a flexible, all purpose lift pushbutton, ideal for apartment buildings, offices, hotels and many other applications. The button fully meets the requirements of EN81-70, having contrast between the legend and the pressel, with the added advantage of Standard English Braille. The M-20 has a very low profile and requires no studs to fix to the faceplate. It also has a wide range of illumination options, with both the legend and halo able to be illuminated separately.
  • No studding required
  • Separate legend and halo illumination
  • Large range of pressel legends
  • High contrast ratio between pressel and legend
  • 15mm high tactile legend + Braille (Moulded through)
  • Meets EN81-70

US97-EN Pushbutton

The US97-EN Pushbutton has been designed to meet the requirements of EN81-70 and pr EN81-40/41 which requires the pushbutton legend to have a height of 15mm. The pushbutton benefits from a brightly illuminated white legend for easy viewing in darkness as well as daylight.
  • 15mm tactile legend
  • High contrast between legend and pressel
  • Legend & halo illumination can be controlled individually
  • Large range of pressel legendsVandal resistant and weatherproof
  • Meets EN81-1/2, EN81-70, EN81-72, EN81-73, EN60529 (IP66 & IP67)