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US97-EN Pushbutton

The US97-EN Pushbutton has been designed to meet the requirements of EN81-70 and pr EN81-40/41 which requires the pushbutton legend to have a height of 15mm. The pushbutton benefits from a brightly illuminated white legend for easy viewing in darkness as well as daylight.
  • 15mm tactile legend
  • High contrast between legend and pressel
  • Legend & halo illumination can be controlled individually
  • Large range of pressel legendsVandal resistant and weatherproof
  • Meets EN81-1/2, EN81-70, EN81-72, EN81-73, EN60529 (IP66 & IP67)

US91 Optic Pushbutton

The US91 OPTIC C3/C3P Pushbutton is a modern twist on a classic – a clean timeless appearance. The illuminated Braille Tag shows clear identification and can be illuminated in a wide variety of colours. The US91 Optic is available with any of our standard circular pressels be that the Belly Button (shown here), the classic US91 blank, bulls-eye or legend – the choice is yours.

US90 Optic Pushbutton

  • Braille tag legend incorporated in chicklet
  • Braille tag can be illuminated
  • Illumination of tag and button can be independent of each other
  • Low profile
  • Clean, timeless appearance will enhance any installation
  • Styles available to match US90 andUS90-EN, other styles available by request

US91 Bar Pushbutton

The Compact 2 Bar Button has been designed as an extra long button and is ideal for use as a main floor button, where its extra size helps users to quickly identify that floor. The Compact 2 Bar Button matches our circular ranges (US91, US91-15 and US95) but can also be used in conjunction with all our ranges. The design of the button is based on the standard Compact 2, so you can be sure of its long life, durability and vandal resistance.
  • Extra long button
  • 15mm tactile legend with Braille option
  • A halo of light between the pressel and surround via a patented hidden recess encircles the pressel and illuminates the legend
  • Legend & halo can be constantly illuminated at half intensity, switching to full intensity for indication position or call acceptance
  • Large range of pressel legends
  • Matching range includes keyswitches, rocker switches and indicators
  • Vandal resistant with stainless steel front
  • Meets EN81-1/2, EN81-71 (Category 2), EN81-72, EN81-73, EN60529 (IP44)

US97 Rail Pushbutton

The US97 Rail Pushbutton has been designed with a clean timeless appearance. It has been designed according to the guidelines of The Rail Vehicle Accessibility Regulations and is easy to identify and use. The pushbutton benefits from a brightly illuminated legend for easy viewing in darkness as well as daylight.
  • Tactile legend
  • Meets requirements of the Rail Vehicle Accessibility Regulations (RVAR)
  • Illuminated legend – Various colours available
  • Tactile feedback
  • Vandal resistant
  • Weatherproof to IP67 (front & rear)
  • Front or rear mounting
  • Surround available in two sizes, 75mm and 87mm with or without Braille
  • Available in different pressel finishes and symbols