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Profile Plus Landing Indicator Panels and Landing Operating Panels

The new Profile Plus range of LIP’s and LOP’s provide a simple, stylish but very robust solution for surface mount stations. The end caps are fixed securely to the faceplate and with a heavy duty backplate the Profile Plus surface mount will stand up to even the harshest environment.  Sizes available 100mm, 125mm and 155mm width, maximum lenght 1000mm.
  • Designed to incorporate most Dewhurst components
  • Easy to install
  • Low profile ensures unit is unobtrusive
  • Available in stainless steel or brass
  • LOP’S hinged to allow easy access when working on the fixture
  • Robust and vandal resistant

Pushbutton Braille Tag

As an alternative to our braille pushbuttons we have tactile Braille tags which provide identification of the floor legend and the equivalent braille. The tactile Braille tags are etched in metal with a black painted background and a silver legend. The tag is mounted using the self adhesive backing. Tactile legend raised 1.6 mm.
  • Provides pushbutton identification next to each button
  • Tactile legend with Braille below
  • Conforms to M2/S2 Regulations
  • Legend height 16mm
  • Material Aluminium
  • Mounting Self adhesive backing

Standard Full Height COP

Although we have standard designs for our full height car operating panels, we can amend our designs to work with any car design.
  • Easy Installation into lift car
  • Simple hinging arrangement to allow easy access to wiring
  • Suitable for any pushbuttons and displays
  • Standard height of 2200mm and width of 220mm can be varied
  • Engraving to meet your particular requirements, with company logo
  • Hidden fixings
  • Prewiring available

Vanguard LIPS and LOPS

Vanguard is our heavy duty surface mount product, with full stainless steel front. It is ideal for use in installations which may suffer vandalism. The Vanguard surface mounts with radiused edges are 25mm or 35mm deep as a standard but depth can be altered to meet customer requirements.  Our chamfered Vanguards are normally supplied to a depth of 45mm or 55mm.
  • Choice of edge style, either radius or chamfered
  • Vandal resistant
  • Designed to incorporate most Dewhurst components
  • Easy to install


We continue to wire an increasing number of our fixtures as customers see the cost benefit of wiring panels in a factory on a bench, rather than on site. We work with our customers to develop the wiring diagrams and then carry out the wiring accordingly either to a terminal block or simply to a connector that can plug in on site.
  • Significant cost benefit
  • Time saved on site
  • Wiring to terminal block or connector

HALO – Touchless Car Operation

The Dewhurst Halo Touchless Car Operating System brings touchless technology inside the lift car. The system actively monitors the area above the pushbuttons and is programmed to register calls when the user hovers their finger near the button breaking the IR field. The sleek design and standalone nature of the system makes it perfect for new or existing installations. Powered by

Available to order NOW!

Touchless Landing Operating Panel

Dewhurst’s innovative standalone ‘wave to call’ touchless unit is perfect for landings and lift cars in low rise buildings. The unit enables lift users to call the lift without touching the button, improving the lift users experience whilst reducing touchpoints in the building The vandal resistant, low profile unit has been designed to be placed in parallel with a pushbutton to provide DDA code compliance.
  • Reliable IR sensing unit alongside dependable Dewhurst pushbutton
  • Adjustable trigger range for sensor
  • Fully compatible with Dewhurst surface mount & flush fit fixture range
  • Pre-wired unit for simple installation
  • Perfect for new build, modernisation or retrofit applications