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Thursday 28 July 2016

US96 Compact 2 Micro Pushbutton

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US96 Brushed Steel Red Pushbutton
US96 Brushed Steel Red

Other available illumination colours

US96 Brushed Stainless Steel Amber Pushbutton
US96 Brushed Stainless Steel Green Pushbutton
US96 Brushed Stainless Steel Blue Pushbutton
US96 Brushed Stainless Steel White Pushbutton

Available pressel finishes

US96 Brushed Steel Red Pushbutton
Brushed Steel
US96 Mirror Stainless Steel Red Pushbutton
Mirror Stainless Steel
US96 Brushed Brass Red Pushbutton
Brushed Brass
US96 Mirror Brass Red Pushbutton
Mirror Brass

Key facts





  • 15mm high tactile legend with Braille

  • Legend and halo illumination

  • Vandal resistant EN81-71 cat 1

  • Large range of pressel legends

  • Standard pressels are a stainless steel plate moulded with red or grey polycarbonate






Technical details

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Compact 2 Micro Technical Details
Compact 2 Micro Technical Details

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